IMG_0584Diversified Drainage is a licensed and insured drainage company serving the entire metro, and surrounding areas of Minneapolis.  We are a full service drainage company with many years of experience in all types of drainage solutions.  We resolve residential, commercial and industrial drainage issues.

Our team of professionals,  specialize in solving surface water drainage, sub-surface water drainage and frost heaving disasters.

We also provide services such as general excavation, waterproofing basements, landscape restoration and much more.  Diversified Drainage sets Back Cameraitself apart from other companies, utilizing small equipment making it possible to access small, tight areas, preventing abundant damage around your home or yard.   The experts within our company have proudly catered our services to town-home association managers, city or school officials, and residential homeowners.

Please consider Diversified Drainage for all your drainage needs where you can be assured you will find helpful and friendly service!

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