1. Catch Basin:

Diversified Drainage can install a catch basin in any terrain to remove ponding water allowing water to freely drain into a drainage outlet

2. Underground Sump Pump Hose Extension

Diversified Drainage can install a Sump pump hose extension to bring water away from your property and disposing it into another location. This will terminate the risk of freezing or burning out the sump pump motor. Another benefit, is that you would not need to outlet the water into your sanitary sewer. This would also get rid of saturated soil in your yard because of the constant flow of moisture from the excess water. Furthermore, wouldn’t it be great to not have to jump off the mower to move the portable sump pump hose around?

3. Underground Downspout Extension

Diversified Drainage can install downspout extensions that will disperse water from your rain gutter into the ground and away from your foundation when it rains. This will prevent wet basements, damage to foundations and erosion to your yard, lawn and flower beds. Downspouts are maintenance free and leaves no standing water on your surface. Downspout extensions will eliminate ice on your sidewalk and pooling water near foundation.