Water that can not flow off sidewalk or courtyard can freeze and cause ice

Water that can not flow off sidewalk or courtyard can freeze and cause ice


A fix for frost heave

No one wants to deal with frost heave damage on their property, and thanks to Diversified Drainage, you don’t have to.


What is frost heave?

When water trapped in the ground fluctuates between freezing and thawing, it causes the soil to lift (or heave). This movement causes nearby structures to shift with the ground, often causing building foundations to crack, and plants and small shrubs to be uprooted. Decks, patios, walkways, stoops, aprons, driveways, and garage floors are all susceptible to frost heave. Damage typically occurs spring and fall, when temperatures fluctuate the most.


What can Diversified Drainage to do prevent frost heave?

Diversified Drainage can remove subsurface water that’s causing the ground to heave. In order to determine the best way to accomplish removal, we will analyze your soil type and the seasonal water table height, and then determine the necessary amount of drainpipe and drainage aggregate. We will also verify the ideal outlet for the drainpipe system, such as a storm drain, wetland, or pumping to a lift station.

During drainpipe installation, we utilize laser instrumentation to ensure proper sloping. Drainage aggregate is added to further assist the flow of water. At the outlet, we’ll install a rodent guard to keep animals from entering the drainpipe. Occasionally, organic soil may have to be replaced with a granular compact-able soil that allows water to flow through more readily.

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