Sub-surface solutions
When your water trouble runs deep, call Diversified Drainage. We have the expertise to eliminate sub-surface water issues.

July & August 2005 012 

How does it work?

Often, water comes through the surface through a seasonal high water table, a spring, or an artesian well. Ground water or sub-surface water is located in the pore space of soil and rocks below the surface.  The water underground, or water table, is always flucuating, moving faster or slower depending on the amount of precipitation.  If the water table is high this can cause damage when the water has nowhere to go.  Some problems that may occur would be; unstable lawns, frost heaving, water infiltration, mold, trees and shrubs could die, and a very wet soggy lawn. Diversified Drainage will survey the area to find the cause of the problem. If an underground drainage system is found to be your best option, we will determine the correct depth and install piping to a pre-determined outlet using a laser-guided system.

What are the benefits?

After your underground drainage system is installed, you’ll never have to worry about sub-surface water problems again. Diversified Drainage will take care of the job from start to finish, including removal of excess soil, restoration of any severed sprinkler pipes, sod installation, and cleanup.

Sub-surface drainage solutions 

  • Install a french drain: Diversified Drainage Authorities will dig a trench, install drain tile to a designated area for the unwanted water to flow, cover with drainage aggregate rock and fill back in with dirt, reseed or re-sod as needed.
  • Install a curtain drain: Curtain drains are very similar to the french drain. The only difference is, is that when the drain tile is installed, it is installed usually on a slope catching the water from only one direction instead of coming from many diff directions for the french drain.
  •  Correct foundation drainage: Our professionals will dig a trench along the foundation, wash  it thoroughly and apply a waterproof method to the foundation.
  • Install drain pipe/tile: when drain tile/pipe is installed, it is put in a trench underground covered up with drainage aggregate rock and dirt.  It is perforated so moisture can freely seep into it flowing to the proper drainage outlet, this helps keep the water table low.