July & August 2005 125

Grading greatness

When it comes to getting water to drain properly, we take a “go with the flow” approach. Diversified Drainage has the expertise to properly grade your soil from start to finish, allowing water to naturally flow away from your structures.

When is grading used?

For surface water problems, grading is an effective way to get water to gravity flow to the desired location. Grading may be used in conjunction with drain tile, downspout, or sump pump solutions.

How does grading work?

Diversified Drainage will analyze your property to determine if grading is the best solution to your water issues. If so, we’ll shoot different grades to ensure the land will have the ideal slope. When grading to direct water flow away from a building, there should be six inches of fall for the first 10 feet, and a two-percent slope after that.

What will my yard look like when it’s completed?

Graded land is both attractive and functional. When grading, we often create an appealing landscape feature called a swale, which encourages water to flow in a specific direction. Sometimes, it’s necessary to add a berm, as well. Diversified Drainage is happy to take care of your job from start to finish, including sod and seed installation, removal of excess soil, and installation of erosion mats. Before leaving, we make sure your yard is cleaned up and ready for you to enjoy.