Sump Pump Discharge Solution:

If your sump pump is working overtime, it’s time to call Diversified Drainage. We can re-route your excess water, giving you permanent peace of mind even on the rainiest of days.

IMG_0192How does it work?

Diversified Drainage will evaluate your sump pump drainage options, and determine the ideal place for excess water to flow away on its own. Many times, a storm sewer nearby wetland is perfect for this application. We will then connect an underground pipe to your sump pump (sloped all the way to the desired location), so water naturally flows away from your home. Because gravity is taking care of the movement, this system can help extend the life of your sump pump.

Who can benefit?

Many homeowners live in high water table areas, and their sump pumps need to run frequently in order to prevent basement flooding. In these cases, it’s especially important to keep water discharge as far away from the home’s foundation as possible. Some people attach a black drainage hose for this purpose, but these pieces need to be moved periodically to avoid muddy spots on the lawn, and can also cause the sump pump to work harder. A better option is to contact Diversified Drainage – we can help lengthen the life of your sump pump, while providing lasting freedom from extra water on your property.

The sump pump solution

When we connect underground drainage piping from your sump pump to the storm sewer, you won’t have to worry about wet soggy areas in your yard, freezing water, or ongoing maintenance. Diversified Drainage has more than a decade of experience diverting discharge water from sump pumps throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Ask for a list of references today!

Frequently asked Questions about a sump pump discharge system.IMG_7121

  • What is required to accomplish this task?

Diversified Drainage can complete this task from evaluating a desired location, surveying elevations, locating under ground utilities (Including private utilities like dog fences, sprinkler lines….etc.)re moving landscaping, cutting and removing sod, tunneling under sidewalks, trenching using a laser guided trencher so bottom of trench is solid and sloped properly, repairing any sprinkler lines that maybe damaged, backfilling & compacting, removing and disposing of excess soil, re place landscaping, replacing sod.

  • Will I need new sod once the work is completed?

No. we cut the existing sod, roll it up and re use the sod that way it matches the existing yard.

  • Will there be any damage to my lawn or landscaping from the installation process?

Not really. Our equipment is very similar to heavy duty lawn care equipment the only difference will be heavy use on a concentrated area of your lawn. for example if someone drives across your yard with a heavy lawn mower back and forth once you maybe wouldn’t notice any thing different If someone drove across your lawn back and forth ten times the grass would be bent down and you would be able to see where they were driving till maybe the next watering or two.

  • Do I need to disconnect my sump outlet pipe from drain pipe in winter to prevent from freezing? 

No. We understand this concern very well and would be happy to explain how we design these systems to function year round.

  • How long is this type of solution good for?

With the proper installation this type of solution can last for more than 100 years.

  • What type of pipe is used?

We use a minimum of a 4″ in diameter HDPE pipe.

  • How much time does a typical installation take?

A normal installation would take less than a day.

 Surface Water Drainage:

Surface water that does not drain properly can ruin your property in a variety of ways.  It leaves your lawn looking un-kept and sloppy.  Yards that have standing water prevents homeowners to get the full use out of their property. Standing water can be caused from various reasons, and the most common reasons in Minnesota are; Sump pump drain tile is not run long enough to drain in a proper drainage outlet.  This water then, will constantly drain water out in the middle of your lawn making it a pool of water.  Another reason, is improper grading of the landscape.  The surface is usually sloped so water will  run down to the bottom with no drainage underneath the ground, leaving water to collect in a puddle. Surface water can also be caused when water from rain gutters have no where to go.  Diversified Drainage has solutions for all types of surface water drainage.

 Surface water drainage solutions

  • Re-slope or regrade landscape: The experts can grade & re-slope the landscape with lasers and small equipment in the desired direction, leading water  away from your home to keep water from pooling in an area.
  • French Drain: Diversified Drainage Authorities will dig a trench, install drain tile so water will flow to a designated area, cover with drainage aggregate rock and fill back in with dirt, reseed or re-sod as needed.
  • Underground Downspout Extension: Diversified Drainage can install downspout extensions that will disperse water from your rain gutter into the ground and away from your foundation when it rains. This will prevent wet basements, damage to foundations and erosion to your yard, lawn and flower beds. Downspouts are maintenance free and leaves no standing water on your surface. Downspout extensions will eliminate ice on your sidewalk and pooling water near foundation.
  • Catch Basins: Diversified Drainage can install a catch basin in any terrain to remove ponding water, allowing water to flow into a drainage system.

Basement Waterproofing:

If your basement is leaking water, we can help before you get water damage!  We can excavate around the foundation so we can thoroughly wash the dirt away and apply a waterproof coating.  If the foundation is already cracked or damaged, we can patch the holes in the mortar or block.

Foundation Drainage:

Diversified Drainage will install drain tile along your foundation if your water table is too high, or you have cracks in your foundation wall.  Our experts would dig out a trench along the foundation, install drain tile, cover with drainage aggregate, fill in trench, re-sod or apply grass seed as necessary, avoiding a wet basement.

Frost Heaving:

Frost Heaving is caused by the freezing of frost susceptible soils underground, which expand, pushing the surface out, leaving damage in many circumstances. If water freezes underground you may see cracked foundations, broken and uneven sidewalks, shifting of floors, patios can fault and deck footings may shift. Diversified Drainage is able to resolve these matters before they happen.

Frost Heaving Solutions
Diversified Drainage can install drain pipe so water can drain and flow out in another direction as water will not stay in one area and freeze.
Another technique the experts have accomplished, is to remove existing soil and replace with a soil that keeps dry enough so little or no water freezes. [br]
Engineering water run off would be another way to prevent frost heaving and damage to your estate.

Landscape Restoration:

Diversified Drainage can service drainage installation in any landscape design and will restore it to its previous condition. Trenches will be filled in and packed. Sprinkler systems will be reconnected and working as normal. Utilities will be hooked back up. Sod will be installed or grass re-seeded as necessary. Mulch, trees, bushes, landscape rock etc will be put back in original spot.

General Excavation:

Our professionals at Diversified Drainage can accommodate various excavation needs.
We provide services for small additions, dig underneath decks, dig footings, haul out dirt, dig for new patio etc.

Ground Water Drainage:

Ground water or sub-surface water is located in the pore space of soil and rocks below the surface.  The water underground, or water table, is always flucuating, moving faster or slower depending on the amount of precipitation.  If the water table is high this can cause damage when the water has nowhere to go.  Some problems that may occur would be; unstable lawns, frost heaving, water infiltration, mold, trees and shrubs could die, and a very wet soggy lawn.

Sub-surface drainage solutions 

  • Install a french drain: Diversified Drainage Authorities will dig a trench, install drain tile to a designated area for the unwanted water to flow, cover with drainage aggregate rock and fill back in with dirt, reseed or re-sod as needed.
  • Install a curtain drain: Curtain drains are very similar to the french drain. The only difference is, is that when the drain tile is installed, it is installed usually on a slope catching the water from only one direction instead of coming from many diff directions for the french drain.
  •  Correct foundation drainage: Our professionals will dig a trench along the foundation, wash  it thoroughly and apply a waterproof method to the foundation.
  • Install drain pipe/tile: when drain tile/pipe is installed, it is put in a trench underground covered up with drainage aggregate rock and dirt.  It is perforated so moisture can freely seep into it flowing to the proper drainage outlet.  this helps keep the water table low.

Landscape Grading or Re-slope Landscape:

Diversified Drainage can re-slope your landscape to create water to run in a different direction preventing water to run and pool in an unwanted area.  To do this, The Drainage Authorities will measure proper elevation with lasers, re-slope/regrade landscape as necessary, create new landscape, sod or apply grass seed if needed and clean up!

Water Outlets:

Diversified Drainage can install many different types of water outlets, making it possible for the water to drain out into a drainage system.