We stop standing water

When you have standing water at your home or business, Diversified Drainage doesn’t take it sitting down.


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Surface water that does not drain properly can ruin your property in a variety of ways.  It leaves your lawn looking un-kept and sloppy.  Yards that have standing water prevents homeowners to get the full use out of their property. Standing water can be caused from various reasons, and the most common reasons in Minnesota are; Sump pump drain tile is not run long enough to drain in a proper drainage outlet.  This water then, will constantly drain water out in the middle of your lawn making it a pool of water.  Another reason, is improper grading of the landscape.  The surface is usually sloped so water will  run down to the bottom with no drainage underneath the ground, leaving water to collect in a puddle. Surface water can also be caused when water from rain gutters have no where to go.  Diversified Drainage has solutions for all types of surface water drainage.

Surface water drainage solutions

  • Re-slope or regrade landscape: The experts can grade & re-slope the landscape with lasers and small equipment in the desired direction, leading water  away from your home to keep water from pooling in an area.
  • French Drain: Diversified Drainage Authorities will dig a trench, install drain tile so water will flow to a designated area, cover with drainage aggregate rock and fill back in with dirt, reseed or re-sod as needed.
  • Underground Downspout Extension: Diversified Drainage can install downspout extensions that will disperse water from your rain gutter into the ground and away from your foundation when it rains. This will prevent wet basements, damage to foundations and erosion to your yard, lawn and flower beds. Downspouts are maintenance free and leaves no standing water on your surface. Downspout extensions will eliminate ice on your sidewalk and pooling water near foundation.
  • Catch Basins: Diversified Drainage can install a catch basin in any terrain to remove ponding water, allowing water to flow into a drainage system.

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