Diversified Drainage can install many different types of water outlets, making it possible for the water to drain out into a drainage system.

Don’t let rain downspouts get you down. For any and all issues related to downspouts, trust the expertise of Diversified Drainage.

Why are rain downspouts installed?

Rain downspout outlets can help take water away from a building’s foundation, and are also used in the winter to prevent hazardous ice buildup. Although they can be beneficial, downspouts can also lead to other problems. For example, the outlets often protrude into the lawn in an unsightly manner, and can easily become damaged from lawn mowers. If the outlet connection is severed, water could run straight down into the building’s foundation. Cold weather can also lead to downspout difficulties, as water drips down and freezes, causing ice dams.

How can Diversified Drainage help?

Instead of having an outlet that protrudes onto your lawn or sidewalk, we can install an underground drainage system, allowing water to flow to a more suitable location. When using rain downspouts in freezing/thawing conditions, heat tape may be used to keep ice dams from forming on the eve and inside the gutter downspout. Heat tape is typically not necessary once water reaches the drainage system, because the drainpipe is sloped to prevent stationary water. In addition, the temperature below the ground is more constant than air temperature.

Diversified Drainage

Your catch basin experts


When eliminating surface water is an absolute must (as in the case of flash flooding), a catch basin might be the way to go. At Diversified Drainage, we know where to use them, and how to properly install them for maximum benefit.

What is a catch basin?

A catch basin (also known as a storm drain or curb inlet) filters debris so it doesn’t enter your drainpipes. They’re always used in conjunction with an underground drainage system, and can be highly effective at catching water and redistributing it to another location via a drainage system.

How can Diversified Drainage help?

Diversified Drainage has the expertise to pick the right catch basin for your specific job. We are also experts at installing catch basins so they are level with the grade, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal. Proper installation is key to the efficiency of your catch basin. When used to redirect surface water, the catch basin should be in a low-lying area. Catch basins used in conjunction with rain downspouts should be installed close to the water source, to ensure that all water will enter the basin.

Water from Sump pump flowing into storm sewer.

Water from Sump pump flowing into storm sewer.

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